Cloud Hosting VS WordPress Hosting

When it comes to web hosting it can be a confusing topic. You will need to consider so many factors between so many types of hosting services out there. That is before you start considering the pricing plan.

Consider yourself lucky as you are in the right place. It’s worth going through this guide if you are still staring at your drawing board when it comes to web hosting.

Cloud Hosting VS WordPress Hosting

This article has focused its laser beam on key differences between two specific hosting types; Cloud Hosting VS WordPress.

This will help you do a smart, accurate, and effective decision on which one to make your go-to. Let’s dive in.

What Is Cloud Hosting?

Your website is hosted virtually across several servers in cloud hosting. Unlike VPS, dedicated or shared hosting, you are not limited to one physical location.

This means you can access the resources such as bandwidth and storage from many different servers. you can tap into another’s resource if the bandwidth on one server is maxing out.

Cloud hosting is ideal for many growing websites and compulsive businesses. First and foremost, it’s a pay-as-go service. You are charged only for the consumed resources.

Moreover, the resources are almost limitless. You will have nothing to worry about if your website experiences a sudden surge in traffic.

Cloud Hosting VS WordPress Hosting
Cloud Hosting VS WordPress Hosting

What Is WordPress Hosting?

WordPress hosting is exclusively for WordPress websites. it is more similar to typically utilized types of hosting such as VPS, shared, and dedicated hosting. However, it aims at making WordPress-related websites as easy as possible.

These things are one-click install along with automated WordPress updates. There are two types of WordPress; shared and managed WordPress hosting.

shared WordPress is known to be the more basic type you can go to. It provides a one-click install and is cheaper.

Generally, it’s your best option for a static website or a personal website. On another hand, managed WordPress Hosting is a complete package. This package fulfills all your needs plus you are guaranteed automated updates, faster loading speed along with better security.

In addition, WordPress costs for managed hosting but will save you from unmasked numbers of your website maintenance. Therefore best for websites made for businesses or websites in need of scaling.

Hostgator Cloud Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting

Hostgator Cloud HostingWordPress Hosting
HostGator guarantees you forty-five days’ money back.WordPress only Guarantees you Thirty days’ money back.
It provides you with Different Plans like VPS, shared server, and Dedicated server hosting.WordPress provides you with plans.
Its offers free site transfer services.No free WordPress site transfer or migration.
The live chat is 24/7 availableThe live chat on WordPress live chat only available from Monday to Friday.
Makes use of CpanelUses custom panel
Hostgator only has a custom-built and paid builder known as Gator by HostGator.WordPress has a free website builder
Does not have free plansHas free plans

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Bluehost WordPress Hosting Vs Cloud Hosting

Bluehost WordPress HostingCloud Hosting
WordPress only Guarantees you 30 days money back.45 days money-back guarantee
Does not have free plansThere if free plans
No free migration of sitesFree migration
Bluehost WordPress provides you with a limited number of resources that you can not exceed. Unless you decide to change the plan from your web hosting provider.Cloud hosting provides you with options to adjust your resources depending on the traffic your site is receiving.
Here, you will have to choose whether to go for managed or unmanaged hosting plans.Cloud hosting is fully well managed.
You will pay for the entire package regardless of usage or not.You only pay for the resources used.
It is limited at some point, as you will have to move from a shared to managed hosting plan for scalabilityHas huge scalability

What Is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is a type of hosting that makes up files that holds a website available for online viewing.

It makes it possible for organizations, companies, or individuals to post a webpage or a website on the internet. It offers storage space for a website connected to the internet.

Web hosting offers a protected spot for substances stored online. This includes codes, recordings, images, and texts that build up your website that should be stored away someplace.

Computerized archives play a vital role in ensuring we reliably get the content from the web. Therefore, hosting has become the most important part of delivering the online presence to everyone. This includes large businesses to small personal accounts.

Web hosting allows offsite content storage which minimizes the actual impression that relates to neighborhood stockpiling costs. Web hosting also makes it easy to create an existence of a persistent web having built-in benefits.

These benefits include backups for security and support. Locally, web hosting runs using a server or a pc through an outsider who is a cloud-based supplier is regularly used.

If you are looking for these services, you will come across a variety of free and paid options that you will need to consider.

Difference Between WordPress And Web Hosting

The configuration of the server directly antipode the standard web and WordPress hosting. for instance, a website host may decide to advertise features such as PHP storage for PHP 7 and above. regularly,

WordPress hosting provides extra valuable types of assistance that help your site stay active all along.

For example, a hosting platform plan can involve, programed refreshes, a single tick introduction, admittance to subjects or modules, and the sky’s the limit from there.

However, be advised that these additional charges will be captured in the regular price. That is if you go for the managed WordPress hosting plan.

Having basic website hosting is enough to make sure your WordPress website is private. This plan can as well include useful features.

These futures are enhanced security, performance tuning, and free SSL certificates. However, you will not benefit from alternative WordPress-specific offers.

What Are The WordPress Limitations?

Can Be Expensive

WordPress is known to be free. However, when focusing on the whole picture there are significant costs. For Customization, WordPress relies on themes and plugins.

The available ones are not always safe and reliable. Furthermore, for your website to stand out and please your visitors you will have to purchase a theme. This is because the free themes are overused.

With few updates constantly coming out, it can be a bit expensive to maintain your website up to date.

If you have WordPress design know-how, you can do numerous adjustments yourself. Alternatives, have to use well-developed themes or plugins.

Data Security Or Vulnerability

The biggest and unquestionable demerit associated with WordPress is its security. WordPress is an open source platform and for customization,

WordPress relies heavily on themes and plugins. Themes and plugins are both created by two different people and companies.

Therefore, they can contain bugs and malicious codes since there is no one to monitor them.

Moreover, being the most popular content management, makes it a prime hacker target everywhere. The Sucuri report indicates that the most hacked CMS platform worldwide is WordPress.

Requires Frequent Updates

Installing WordPress has a lot of benefits as this platform only requires at least several plugins and a theme to properly work. Updates of WordPress can often change the part of your usable plugins or theme.

The thing is, the more plugins you use the more compatibility issues you get. The entire process of maintenance in WordPress can be quite problematic.

During this period you have to get ready for anything starting with plugin adjustment to have a fully functional website.

If you don’t have a budget and you have little programming or design knowledge then opt for another website solution.

This is because in general WordPress doesn’t provide support and the solution is on the WordPress forum.

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WordPress is a more flexible tool to use, unlike any other website builder. However, if you are not a skilled developer or a WordPress expert you may encounter a very serious problem.

These problems may involve breaking some of the WordPress functionality if you try to update the core WordPress. If as well you are not experienced in the practice of designing the site, it might become a challenge too.

Cloud Hosting Pros

  • Its Cost Effective
  • Flexibility And Scalability
  • Backup And Recovery
  • Accessibility
  • Problems In Bandwidth
  • Limited Control

There are dozen of pros that will make Cloud hosting your go-to over shared, dedicated or VPS hosting. Below are some of the pros.

✔️Its Cost Effective

Most businesses today are shifting to cloud hosting. This is because it’s more effective when it comes to cost than technology that runs on-premise.

Having traditional website hosting, many companies will have to spend a lot on storage devices along with the technical team to look after these devices.

With cloud hosting, you only need to pay the vendor providing you with resources. This saves you money, resources, and time.

✔️Flexibility And Scalability

cloud server requires you to pay for only consumed resources. Because the company will not stay stagnant in terms of growth, the cloud server can shrink and expand. Cloud hosting scalability is easier.

This makes it easier for the company to add or remove resources depending on their needs. This system grows with the company without adding an extra burden.

✔️Backup And Recovery

In every company, there is a risk of data and financial loss. Therefore, a disaster recovery program is necessary. There is no need for disaster recovery as the data backup is automatic in cloud hosting.


It is much easier to gain access to data stored on web applications from anywhere on the internet.

To access any information stored in the cloud at any time regardless of the machine is easier. Lack of difficulty in the accessibility of the data is the biggest advantage of cloud hosting.

Cloud Hosting Cons

❌Problems In Bandwidth

Cloud hosting is fully dependent on the internet. This simply means that the company has to ensure has a reliable internet all through and a consistent one. This also means that the internet has to fast connection with good bandwidth.

Otherwise, the company will not benefit fully from the service. Cloud hosting services might be unfruitful if your location does not have a good internet connection.

❌Limited Control

The service providers manage the servers that host the cloud services. They are also owners of these providers.

This becomes a problem for the companies utilizing their services to have the type of control they want over their infrastructure.

WordPress Hosting Pros

✔️Its User Friendly

This is a strong content management system because it originated from blogging. Admin job here is very easy as will only navigate through their WordPress site backend, edit some pages, and as well upload new content.

It is simple to make your content organized on WordPress without the knowledge of website management.


WordPress users have over 54000 free and paid plugins as well available from WordPress. The plugins are made available to help customize and improve the website.

The plugins are there to help you make some simple changes to your website.

✔️Seo Friendly

WordPress is the best when it comes to SEO friendliness. It provides dozen of SEO plugins to assist you to optimize the content, keyword focus meta tags, and a lot more.

Having these free SEO plugins access such as Yoast means every WordPress site is SEO ready. No platform is better than WordPress as far as SEO is concerned.

✔️Open Source

WordPress is an OpenSource software to be used by anyone. It can be used to study, change or do source code redistribution.

Many of the plugins and themes are free under what is known as the GPLV2 license. Thus is an open-source software for hosting.

WordPress programmers can share openly the code online. Codes sharing is done online and helps to save time for development.


There are dozens of themes in WordPress. All these themes help the website to be responsive. There is an increased level of internet surfing which is done on mobile devices.

Therefore, having a mobile-friendly website with consistency across all devices is very crucial. WordPress does a good job with this.

Is Cloud Hosting Better Than Shared Hosting?

When determining the best option to choose between cloud and shared hosting think of defining your needs first. Be clear first on the limitation of your finances and the type of data you will be handling.

Think of The magnitude of the traffic flow and experience of your team. Consider the budget of the security before having a precise action plan.

Shared hosting is an option for small websites having low to minimum traffic flow. You will opt for shared hosting for personal blogs, reference guides, informative sites, testing platforms, or personal storage banks.

It’s not cost-effective to implement the latest security technology or a huge amount of resources.

For high-performance websites, cloud hosting is the best choice for security and scalability. The legible for cloud hosting if having low traffic but having visitors performing heavy computational tasks.

The users with specific needs or custom set up will require cloud hosted site. High concurrency stores, gaming servers, and streaming platforms are some of the cases which need a cloud hosting solution.

After choosing your cloud type, the next thing you will do is to select a reputable and reliable hosting provider.

Let’s do a simple comparison between HostGator cloud hosting vs WordPress hosting. here are more examples of cloud hosting.

The above cloud hosting platforms runs on virtualized servers making their resources available remotely. Below are the different types of servers.

Public Cloud ServerPrivate Cloud Server
The infrastructure of cloud computing is shared with the public by service providers over the internet. it can support multiple customersThe infrastructure of cloud computing is shared with private organizations by the providers of the service over the internet. only support one enterprise.
It’s a multi-tenancyIt’s a single tenancy
It’s hosted over the service provider siteIt’s hosted over the service provider website or enterprise.
Has moderate reliability and very high scalabilityThe scalability is limited but reliability is high
It’s cheaper than private cloudIt’s more costly than the public cloud
The security matters and is dependent on the service providerIts security is a high class

Web Hosting Vs Cloud Hosting Vs WordPress Hosting

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What Is The Difference Between WordPress Hosting And Cloud Hosting?

In cloud hosting, the server is provided to you without software or any content management system like that of WordPress.

A cloud server is huge and you need to have programming skills to control the cloud server. WordPress as well utilizes cloud servers. However, WordPress and other things are already preinstalled.

There is a one-click installation when it comes to WordPress. This way you can use cloud hosting without being involved in heavy code and firewall thinking. Simply,

WordPress hosting is a cloud hosting where you don’t have to use any codes because many things are one-click installation. Alternatively, you will have to deal with codes.

Which Is Better Cloud Hosting Or Web Hosting?

Cloud hosting scalability and reliability are very high as web hosting is less scalable compared to cloud hosting.

Web hosting will depend on which package you want while cloud hosting depends on usage. However, determine first your needs before selecting the most suitable one for yourself.

Both web hosting and cloud hosting provides you dozen of functionalities. If you are a beginner running blogs, shared hosting will work just fine for you. cloud hosting is your best option if you are running things like e-commerce platforms.

This requires excellent performance and the ability to handle high traffic and most of all zero downtime.

Can WordPress Be Hosted On The Cloud?

It is very possible to migrate or host your WordPress site on the cloud platforms like Cloudways, AWS, or google cloud.

Cloud hosting has a lot of advantages over normal shared hosting services.

As I mentioned earlier in this article, cloud hosting is scalable and information is accessed anywhere at any time with any device as long as it can access the internet.

What Are The Differences Between WordPress Hosting And General Web Hosting?

The major difference between WordPress and General Web hosting is that web hosting is much broader than WordPress hosting. WordPress refers to a specific niche developed for WordPress installs.

Web hosting is a service that is more generalized and refers to any hosting service that stores files on the server for the sake of making the website live on the internet. On the other hand,

WordPress is a specific niche in the world of web hosting. WordPress can utilize shared servers to have multiple website hosting at ance.

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Which Is The Better Web Hosting Or WordPress Hosting?

when making your choice between web hosting and WordPress hosting, remember web hosting is an umbrella team. WordPress hosting is just a specific sub-category of hosting. if you choose to start a WordPress website, you can go with either option.

The difference is that WordPress offers specific WordPress website features like pre-installed plugins as well as optimized web servers.

However, if you decide not to go for WordPress sites as a CMS, then you will still require some type of general web hosting.

What Is The Difference Between Cloud Hosting And Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing is whereby you rent instead of buying IT. Instead of heavily investing in software, hardware, and databases, companies opt to compute power through the internet or cloud. You will then pay for the entire service.

These cloud services include database, software, analytics, servers, storage, and business intelligence as well. On the other hand, cloud hosting makes websites and applications accessible using cloud resources.


You will make the right choice regarding cloud hosting vs WordPress hosting when you first understand the needs of your site. You can create a good website with WordPress as it has many merits that propel to its popularity.

This is because making the right choice should be after comparing all options, advantages, and disadvantages. This article has done the legwork for you comparing cloud hosting vs WordPress hosting vs web hosting so that you can make the perfect option for hosting your site.

If you are running small sites or blogs, WordPress might be your perfect choice. You can go for cloud hosting if running sites with heavy traffic receiving.

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