10 Best Cheap Node js Hosting Review 2023

Looking for cheap node js hosting for your next mega application project? Bury your head in stress no further.

This article sorts you out with cheap, and free node js hosting services for users of all levels of knowledge. Node.js runs from windows to Linux platforms, thus an open source server environment perfect for hosting services.

Node.js is ideal, as it allows web developers to use JavaScript for side scripting.

Cheap Node js Hosting
Cheap Node js Hosting

This enables them to bring forth dynamic web page content before sending the page to the user’s web browsers.

Node js Hosting terminates waiting times and is popular for hosting commercial or business-focused websites.

TOP 10 Cheap Node JS Hosting Providers


TOP 10 Cheap Node JS Hosting Providers

Perhaps affordability is your main focus when looking for the best and cheap node js hosting site. If so, think of Hostinger.

Its promotional price for its single shared hosting starts from $0.99 which you will need to pay monthly.

It’s one of the most hosting plans that are budget-friendly among others. However, keep in mind that renewal costs as you progress will increase.

Going for the longest term when purchasing a plan is much more economical. This will add you the greatest discount.

Hosting plans are considerably cheap but their interface is not. For a fraction of the cost, it offers the users with premium host feel.

cheap hosting for node js

The pricing of this affordable hosting platform is not the only thing you will consider positive. It has excellent 24/7 customer support worldwide with over 29 million users across 178 countries.

Moreover, its simplicity of blog setup options is on another level and WordPress optimized. Happiness to the users as this hosting platform offers them a 99.9% uptime guarantee.

This is the best choice for beginners due to its affordability. Hostinger has a single, premium, and business Linux-powered shared hosting plan.

The cost of single plans per month is 9.49 dollars or 2.99 per month with one year commitment(After the first year, the renewal fee per month is $5.99).

On the Business plan, you will pay 10.99 dollars per month or $6.99 per month for the first year. You will renew for $10.99 per month.

  • Guaranteed 24/7 customer support
  • Free domain
  • Free SSL certificate
  • 30-days money back guarantee
  • WordPress Optimized
  • Affordable promo pricing
  • Annual and Monthly Plans
  • Zero Phone support
  • The base shared hosting plan provides only one email account


Cloudways Review

Cloudways provides affordable and easy-to-set-up cloud blog hosting services for WordPress.

Moreover, compared to other hosting platforms, Cloudways offers a large number of features. its interface is interactive and user-friendly for the management of servers and applications.

It provides users with single click solution to all hosting problems. it guarantees users 99.9 % uptime. These reliabilities depend on the Cloudways provider you choose. locations of the servers will also depend on the cloud provider.

Cloudways provide service level agreement which is a good sign always. This means when the service is not met, Cloudways will offer compensation or credit to their customers.

Cloudways is also specific on which situations will not guarantee credits. When it comes to speed, Cloudways servers are blazing fast. Therefore, the content is delivered as quickly to the visitors no matter taff the traffic.

The Cloudways pricing plans start from $12 to $96 per month.

  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free site migration
  • Ree automated backups
  • Free CDN and dedicated IP
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Unlimited number of applications on any plan
  • The online support is free with add-ons for service enhancement
  • Zero email hosting


a2hosting review

Think of this, you have sit already built but having trouble with speed. A2 Hosting platform will likely solve your problem.

All you will need to do is to migrate. This is a leading hosting platform when it comes to speed. the speed in all its plans is amazing whether in a shared plan, VPS, or dedicated host.

A2 hosting also provides you with an uptime commitment of 99.9 percent. Its hosting plan involves a completely free site migration and easy one-click installs.

This is for CMS tools like Magneto, Drupal, and WordPress. Moreover, A2 Hosting offers a free domain name and a free SSL certificate in all its plans.

A2 hosting plans also include automatic patching updates and free malware scanning. There are also regular site backups in some of its plans. its hosting annual plans start from 2.99 dollars while monthly plans start from 9.99 dollars.

  • Free SSL certificate
  • Has the fastest speed
  • Free domain name
  • Malware scanning
  • Patching updates
  • Free migrations in every plan
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • 3 years of hosting plans come along with free additional 2 years of hosting
  • To receive the best pricing you will need to purchase longer hosting terms as promo pricing ends on renewal.


Digital Ocean Review

If you are looking for reliable, affordable, and robust hosting, think of Digitalocean hosting platform. It’s a cloud hosting provider that is cheap, and simple with a strong computing platform to be used for apps, websites, and blog hosting.

Digitalocean is jam-packed with technicalities thus suitable for experienced users and developers.

You will have no trouble having too many customers at the same time at your website since DigitalOcean’s pay-per-use and scalable platform. this helps the companies to grow at their own pace.

This prevents them also from paying for the services they don’t need or paying for higher performance. DigitalOcean customer support is efficient and their platform is perfectly built and easy to use.

The digital Ocean platform plans are relatively cheap node js hosting as they start from $5 per month.

However, the application may demand an upgrade in the future. The digital Ocean gives you a credit of $100 as you give it a try.

Moreover, Digital Ocean offers you an option of connecting to eight various data centers and three different continents.

Digital Ocean began its app platform to deploy, manage and build the API or application. It’s a platform that perfectly supports node.js, ruby on rails, Gatsy, Django, Go, and PHP.

It’s a jussive platform to take good care of all the infrastructure that keeps your focus on API which is the core business. It’s a cloud infrastructure solution popularly for its ideal options of node js hosting.

In just a few clicks, it gives you the allowance of spinning up the Ubuntu droplets of node.js. in addition, it set on your website the entered control and also lets’s develop your droplet.

The digital ocean needs extensive management of infrastructure thus making it a bit hard to use for inexperienced users.

However, the prices are lower and affordable with easy scaling of your application. For code deployment, it tethers you to the Github repo, and as well for auto-deployment configures push updates.

The digital ocean has made it easy for web application integration by acquiring nano-box. Besides, you can as well register for Cloudways. In this platform, you are provided with an option of picking a digital ocean-related provided hosting setup.

For beginners, it provides an easily integrated interface which is a good value for money.

  • Quick deployment
  • Its economical, scalable, and easy for Rest API, web, and software deployment
  • The pricing is affordable
  • Excellent documentation and tutorials
  • It’s a full cloud engine that involves virtual machines, an app engine, a database, and storage
  • Top-notch reliability
  • Easy droplets backups to enable an affordable
  • Zero availability for live user support
  • Does not offer some pre-installed systems like multisite WordPress, Bitnami apps, and a few others
  • Little hard for beginners

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Kinsta Hosting Review

If you are looking forward to launching your very first WordPress website or thirsty for a premium managed WordPress host, then look no further. Kinsta is here to sort you out the very best.

Its faster in loading, jam-packed with features, and more secure. All Kinsta sites are protected by enterprise-level premium Cloudflare integration. This one is completely free to Kinsta customers and involves a secure firewall.

It’s ideal in high-performance speed and its security-managed WordPress hosting. Kinsta Dashboard is user-friendly.

It guarantees 99.99% uptime to its customers and 99.95% WP engine. Kinsta has an integration of CDN that act as a catalyst in your asset on the world wide web. There is no barrier when using CDN.

This is because it takes off a load of your server thus ensuring content delivery speed to your customers. therefore making their experience even better. Kinsta has plans that start from $35 to $115 per month.

  • Its google cloud platform powered
  • WordPress managed
  • 30 days money back guarantee
  • Fast and secure server stack
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Free CDN
  • The migration of sites is free from WP engine Cloudways, Flywheel to Dreamhost.
  • No hosting of emails
  • The premium pricing does not accommodate everyone
  • No phone support


Bluehost Review

This is the best hosting platform for beginners that offers top tier, and 24/7 customer support. It’s the top WordPress recommended host with simplified setup options along with advanced and available WordPress functionalities.

It offers WooCommerce plans and migration for free. Bluehost also offers advanced security options and to enjoy this offer, you will need to pay extra money.

Bluehost is among the best WordPress hosting sites that you can find with a super offer ‘of $2.95 as a codeless partner. It’s a cheap node js hosting that offers you quality web hosting services.

Bluehost provides dedicated hosting plans along with VPS. The cost of Bluehost VPS per month lies from $18.99 to 59.99. These plans come along with over 30 to 120GB storage capacity accompanied by an IP address on a standard VPS plan.

Ultimate plans contain two IP addresses as well as enhanced VPS plans. These plans are the best as they come with a bandwidth range of 1 to 3 TB.

They provide strong features in VPS plans with affordable places that eventually will scale up to dedicated plans.

The cost of Bluehost dedicated plans per month lies from $79.99 to 119.99. Since server resources are particularly dedicated to a single website, these plans are more expensive.

They come along with a bandwidth of 5 to 15 Terabytes and 500GB to 1TB of storage. If you are planning to use Node.js to support a larger business site, then opt for Bluehost dedicated plans as your best choice.

The below image indicates Bluehost’s dedicated plans cost.

Blueshot Pricing comparision
  • Offers free domain
  • A free backup
  • A guaranteed 30-days money back.
  • Uptime of up to 99.98.
  • space of 30GB to unlimited space
  • Free SSL certificate
  • One click WordPress Install
  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited subdomains
  • No traffic Limits
  • Ant-spam protection
  • needs a choice plus a hosting plan
  • minimal control over automatic backups of data
  • Bluehost cant use both SiteLock and HTTPS

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HostGator Review

HostGator will install Node.js modules immediately after you have signed up for a dedicated or VPS plan. It is very easy to request via phone or live chat.

Hostgator offers you a free SSL certificate along with all the plans. To keep the website safe from DDoS attacks, the data centers ensure that flood protection is enabled. As an add-on,

Hostgator has provided Sitelock security options with the ability to scan a website from potentially harmful codes. Its also provided you with additional automated malware removal benefits as a plus. To enhance server reliability,

HostGator offers several bandwidth providers. In addition, HostGator is one of the rare providers that offer dedicated hosting for Linux and Windows servers.

However, if you go for the node.js dedicated plan you will have to choose Linux dedicated plan.

This platform provides you with dedicated plans that start from $88.89 to139.99 per month.

They also equip you with the cheapest plans that come along with unmetered bandwidth and a RAM of 8 GB. The bandwidth is ideal for websites with high traffic experience.

The Sitelock cost per month is $1.99. Their promo pricing begins at 2.75 dollars to 5.95 dollars.

  • They have weekly free backups
  • Disk space of up to 120GB.
  • 99.99 percent Uptime.
  • Money back guarantee of 45 days
  • Free domain
  • Free SSL certificate and access to Cpanel in each plan
  • In all plans, Hostgator does not support SSD storage.

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Inmotion Hosting review

Its popularly known as a node js hosting provider in terms of help and support. In most cases, obtaining reliable information regarding starting a node js hosting plan is difficult due to involved custom coding.

There are zero playbooks concerning the issue. InMotion provides you with free SSL and a Secure shell, access protection, and Hotlink.

The work of Hotlink is to prohibit the website access to your content. Therefore, the website users are limited to peeking throughout the bandwidth. DDoS protection here is offered for free by Corero which is also a better option.

Corero is a Network security company. The Inmotion pricing starts from 5.99 dollars.
The InMotion VPS plans per month lie from $22.59 to 54.99. The cheapest plan features range from 4 to 8 Gb RAM, 75 to 260 storage capacity, and 4 to 6 TB bandwidth.

Their VPS plans offer you free secure access to email and free website migrations. InMotion dedicated hosting plans per month lie between $115.69 and 529.49. Compared with most of the other providers, it has a wider range.

This provides greater room for scaling up the website if the need arises. InMotion cheapest dedicated plans come along with 5 free IP addresses, 500GB SSD, and 6TB data transfer.

  • The domain is free
  • Unlimited disk space
  • Money back guarantee of up to 90 days
  • 99.97 uptime
  • 24/7 customer support
  • The VPS upgrade package is affordable
  • Free, unlimited emails.
  • In all the plans, month to month payments may not be available
  • The interface is not super impressive


Kamatera Hosting review

This is one of the widely known node js hosting providers. Kamatera provides you with scalability and flexibility benefits in the public cloud.

Moreover, you will get many server setups with Kamatera’s direct managed service. It provides you with all the features at a reasonable price for services. For all node.js applications, this is an easy-to-use platform cloud provider. This platform has proved to be the best option for node.js applications.

All users of the Kamatera platform benefit from extensive security. Its flexibility is on another level and permits massively scalable apps. the servers in this platform are virtually offered with a 10Gbps connection. Kamatera provides you with the easiest way of setting up the cloud server.

Has a lot of choices such as 256 MB to 512 GB, 5GB to unlimited TB, and 1 to 104 CPU cores for every server. Therefore, designing the best virtual server to scale up your website is possible.

Kamatera offers you the best 24/7 support via live chat, email, or phone. The standard managed support is a basic plan.

The managed support ensures that the virtual servers are running smoothly while you can control all the maintenance and configuration.

The advanced support helps the control panels, databases, and server stacks. It has the cheapest plans that start from $4 per month and provides you with 5TB network traffic.

It also offers you 20GB SSD storage and one GB RAM. The plan provides you with 20 GB to 50 GB RAM which will cost you 29 dollars to 68 dollars per month.

  • The cloud infrastructure is outstanding
  • Handy add-ons
  • The pricing is affordable
  • 30 days trial period
  • Scalable and flexible
  • 99.99 percent uptime
  • Affordable plans
  • Excellent customer support
  • Not user-friendly


AWS review

AWS is popularly known to power the entire internet. It has several service integrations which make it the best for node.js application hosting. since it’s a cloud-based platform that uses a virtual server, it does not offer to host with a physical server.

Cloud hosting does not request payment for extra resources when purchasing. Therefore, many users have made it a go-to as it only charges for the space used up.

For a flexible service that integrates all the features that you require, elastic beanstalk makes scaling, managing, and deployment easy with the help of AWS.

It is easy starting with Amazone Web Services. What you will be needed to do is to upload your codes and then allow Amazone Web Services to provision and deploy everything else. No special cost is needed for Elastic Beanstalk Services use. Amazon Web Services will only charge you for actually offered services.

AWS also offers Lambda options which contain servers with fewer hosting options. It’s powered by amazon thus not an independent hosting company.

Amazon Web Services have free plans that will give you a good start, thus free node js hosting providers.

For a period of one or three years, you will have to per a dollar per hour for the paid plans. there is also separate pricing for the following features;

  • Computing 
  • Storage
  • Migration and transfer
  • Database
  • Developer tools
  • Content and networking delivery
  • Media services and analytics

Let’s show that by the example of a standard Amazon S3 storage. This plan starts from 0.023 dollars per GB every month for the first 50TB. .

You will then pay 0.021 dollars per GB for 500TB every month.

  • The integration of important plugins is easy
  • You only pay for used up storage
  • Inbuilt monitoring
  • The scaling and load balancing is automatic to scale the app
  • Zero capacity limits
  • Amazon AC2 is limited
  • Has security limitations

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Bluehost is very easy to use and its plans and pricing are affordable. Moreover, integrates well with WordPress and its dedicated customer service is incredible to help you set up your site. Therefore recommending the site to every new blogger.

However, if your site demands are specialized, go for the other hosting platforms listed in this article. A shared hosting platform like Hostinger and A2-hosting is an inexpensive and reliable platform to give a try.

Whatever your priorities are starting from security, affordability, and Customer service to speed, this node js hosting platform will not let you down and are at the top of our list.

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