High Traffic WordPress Hosting List 2023

If high traffic WordPress hosting is your focus, then you have a choice that is going to be different from that person after cheap WordPress hosting entry-level. Price is not on the list as long as performance and reliability are top-notch.

High traffic wordpress hosting

To be precise, WordPress provides excellent performance when it comes to hosting. They load your website with thousands of visitors helping you rely on that site though they are not the cheapest host around.

Typically, expect to pay per month up to fifty dollars for these hosts. In this article, we guide you to get the best host for your site.

What to look for in high-traffic WordPress hosting

When you are looking for high-traffic WordPress hosting that has excellent performance, these are things to give first insight.

Server Software: A web host with software to handle intense traffic does an excellent job. This is a solution that ensures better use of resources of the server you provision which adds more value to your purchase.

Server Resources: Things such as storage space, bandwidth, CPU, and RAM are the strong pillar that emphasizes user experience smoothness during peak traffic. The hosts in this article primarily provide you with SSD storage and up-to-date infrastructure.

Data Centre Location: the likelihood of your data content experiencing a delay on delivery is much higher if your servers are in a different location in the world. It helps to deliver an optimal user experience by being closer to your audience.

Scalability: The hosting environment should be able to handle increased capacity, otherwise you can lose the trust of your brand and sales when they matter the most.

Network Capacity: for the first loading website, bandwidth is very important. This is the reason why shared hosting isn’t good if your website is receiving heavy traffic. The bandwidth is reasonable with every host listed in our article.

Critical Performance Additional Features: This is where advanced tools such as load balancers, SSL accelerators, and caching come into play. Gentle access to these can have a significant impact with high volume traffic.

Fastest WordPress hosting

Here are the hosting companies that you can trust for growing your website or a blog.

1. Cloudways

Cloudways ways are among the top 5 popular cloud providers with easy management along with a one-click server. It is a managed cloud hosting with 24/7 monitoring.

Cloudways provides you with unmetered application hosting with no contract lock-in. offers free auto-healing that comes along with free backups.

2. Hostinger

Hostinger is user-friendly and it’s completely powered by Google. It provides integrated Cloudflare and isolated resources.

Hostinger daily backups are automated and have integrated caching. It is developed on Cloud Linux with LVE containers. Its setup is instant and with customized intuitive control panel.

3. A2 Hosting

A2 Hosting offers you the best well-built plans that begin with 4GB RAM. For faster page load, A2 hosting has a turbo server along with cache options. It’s equipped with Free CDN Plus auto-install with Softaculous.

It also provides its clients with up to an unlimited database and multilingual support. Its security is improved along with an up-to-date daily kernel.

4. Bluehost

Bluehost is WordPress core recommended since 2005 and comes along with a free SSL certificate. Has free SSD storage and domain registration along with the email.

Has automatic updates and installations with a 63 percent discount for readers’ hosting advice.

It guarantees the users 30 days’ money back and a free one year of the domain name. Offers 50 GB to unlimited SSD storage and is easy to set up for five minutes.

5. Kinsta

This is a WordPress hosting provider that offers various fully managed plans. Is exclusively powered by Google cloud and it’s optimized for speed along with great performance.

Has automated back-ups on daily basis and it’s equipped with Free CDN that is powered by KeyCDN. Offers free Migration of sites and SSL certificates. Every single Kinsta plan provides 24/7 support with a staging environment of one click.

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Best Cpanel hosting

1. A2 hosting

This platform provides its consumers with the fastest speeds today in the market and magnificent option for those clients looking for Cpanel web hosting.

Every A2 hosting plan comes along with Cpanel for free. This is a big deal as many competitors don’t offer this option for free. A2 hosting Cpanel gives you choices to do this;

  • Manage the usage of email
  • Node.js app creation
  • Files management
  • Domain management
  • Database management
  • SSL certificate installation from the third party
  • SSH keys configuration

2. Bluehost

This hosting platform offers its users a fantastic user experience. It allows the user to manage access control from their Cpanel Dashboard. This permits users to restrict certain area access to their hosting accounts.

This is ideal, especially where the user has multiple logins. You may not want to permit your blogger login to your billing account as a small business owner.

Dedicated plans provide you with increased storage on-demand from Cpanel with server administrator assistance. Bluehost plans come along with Free SSL Certificate, 30 days money-back guarantee, and 24/7 customer support

3. InMotion

It’s a small business solid option for an individual with the need to be more hands-on with their website hosting. To control your Linux-based server, Cpanel comes standard in every Bluehost plan.

This makes it easy to set up the domain name handle website automation, manage resources, and much more. This platform provides one-click application installation having 400 apps that can be controlled in Cpanel.

Shared hosting starts at 2.29 dollars per month while WordPress hosting will cost you 2.29 as well. VPS hosting cost 17.99 dollars per month while dedicated servers cost 139.99 dollars per month. All these plans provide you with Cpanel for free.

4. Hostgator

Hostgator is also a well-known name when it comes to the hosting field. The reason behind that is that they offer affordable plans fully equipped with features. They allow you to try their services for more than six weeks for free.

They always offer the latest Cpanel version with your hosting plan. This comes along with incentives in addition such as;

  • Free website migration
  • Free site builder
  • Free SSL certificate 
  • Bing Ads Credits
  • Google Ads credits
  • Free domain transfer

All Hostgator plans come along with 99.9 percent of uptime and 45 guarantee of your money back. It is CMS most compatible with other platforms such as WordPress Joomla and Drupal.

They offer various plans depending on the type of hosting service you need. For shared hosting, you will start with only 2.64 dollars a month while the VPS plan start from 19.95 dollars a month.

For WordPress hosting, you will only pay 5.95 dollars per month while dedicated plans will charge you 89.98 dollars per month. For a reseller hosting charges are 19.95 dollars per month.

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Best hosting for high traffic websites

1. Bluehost

  • Wordless recommended since 2005
  • Free SSL certificate and SSD 
  • Domain registration and email for free
  • Automatic updates and installations
  • A guarantee of 30 days’ money back
  • Free one year
  • 63 percent discount for Hosting Advice readers

2. A2 Hosting

  • Performance and security optimized plugins
  • Optimized caching, SSD speed, and turbo server
  • One-click WP installed along with Free CloudFlare CDN
  • 24/7 support and Free SSL Certificates
  • Free Kernel Care and HackScan
  • 30 days money Back Guarantee
  • Unlimited disk Space

3. InMotion

  • Website migration for free and two hours of launch assistance
  • Free Cpanel
  • Can handle 10 times traffic with virtually zero downtime
  • The server is highly available and with real-time redundancy
  • The readers hosting advice has 73 percent of the first time
  • 90 days money back guarantee
  • 45 to 300GB disk space
  • Free domain name for one year

4. Hostinger

  • It’s a hosting provider powered by google cloud.
  • Its user friendly
  • Its resources are isolated and integrated Cloudflare
  • Has automated daily backups and integrated caching
  • Involve built on CloudLinux LVE containers
  • Its setup is instant and with an intuitive custom control panel
  • It provides 30 days money back guarantee
  • Offer 30 to 200 GB of disk space

Which hosting is best for high traffic?

If you are after a hosting provider for your high-traffic site, that simply shows you are generating a healthy amount of revenue.

Therefore, the hosting cost may be less important than compared to other factors, and high traffic becomes your focus. Here are high-traffic sites.

Is WordPress good for high-traffic sites?

WordPress can handle heavy website traffic. However, the website performance will highly depend on your optimization technique and your hosting service.

When selecting your hosting provider, be keen to choose a scalable and managed WordPress hosting plan to keep off disruptions.

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What is the best WordPress hosting for high traffic like 200,000 concurrent visitors?

The WordPress host recommendable for this traffic level is HostGator, Bluehost, or Dream host. They provide their clients with a free domain and Adwords credits with hosting packages.

Moreover, dedicated servers are the best when it comes to performance and will satisfy this requirement more than shared plans.

Then for high-security levels ensure to use Gzip compression, MaxCDN, or Cloudflare for CDN. Make use of cache plugins for WordPress or WP super cache and it will assist you to minimize the load on your server and maximize the access of your audience to your page quickly.

How many visitors at a time can a WordPress website handle?

WordPress doesn’t have any traffic limit it can support. Nevertheless, it depends on the web host you have chosen to manage your website. On-site performance optimization can fully make or lower the ability of your website to withstand heavy traffic.

WordPress has 65 percent dominance in the CMS market share and for good reason. It is very easy when to use and scales better depending on your needs. Moreover, WordPress is a completely free-to-use platform.

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Which hosting plan is best for 5,000 visitors a day to a WordPress website?

If you are about to launch a new blog or a new website and you are probably looking for the best hosting platform, here is the solution. For 5000 visitors per day is okay with a shared hosting plan.

Plenty of website hosting providers offer unlimited bandwidth storage space in the shared hosting plan. The challenge you may likely encounter is coming up with the right host provider for your website. Here is my three WordPress hosting suggestion based on their performance.

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What is the best WordPress hosting for high traffic like 25,000 concurrent Visitors?

You are going to focus on the three most crucial factors if you are looking for high-traffic WordPress hosting with 25000 concurrent visitors. First is performance, Reliability, and price as well.

But again cheaper entry-level solution will not be on the list if you want a trusted high-traffic WordPress hosting, reliability and performance take the center. Here is the host to trust to grow your website with 25000 visits concurrently.


Finding high-traffic WordPress hosting may not be an easy task. But this article has given you the best Hosting providers from speed, performance, security, high traffic hosting provides to the scalability of the site.

All you need is to pick the one that satisfies the need of your business. Moreover, this provider offers your fully WordPress-managed hosting packed with sleek workflow tools.

The platform’s results are fully unique, the next-level platform which permits you to easily and quickly build, manage, launch and scale high all your WordPress sites.

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