Cheap SQL Database Hosting

It is not easy to find cheap SQL database hosting despite being an open-source platform. If the hosting quality is a matter of concern, you understand why it’s not easy. It’s easy to afford some of the MYSQL hosts but they neglect performance.

cheap SQL database hosting

You will not want to deal with constant downtime or poor loading speed. Some other hosts make you pay for unnecessary features that you don’t even need.

Out there are some perfect options to go for. What you need is where to find it. Here are the best that offer excellent features and performance for an affordable price.

Cheap MYSQL Database Hosting

Popularly, MYSQL is a managed relational database system that makes use of structured query language as an information storage, I/O transfer request, and table management protocol.

Its major work is to store structured information in form of tables for websites, logging applications, and e-commerce websites. There are two versions of MYSQL, the free version or open-source and the MYSQL enterprise server.

This involves additional features such as plugins and extensions. This alleviates the data definition formats with functions processing and views. That may not be possible to handle with traditional file storage criteria.

You will need the database to hold all the content that you create if you build a dynamic website. MYSQL is free and open-source thus leading to its prominence.

What is the best and cheapest SQL database hosting platform?

1. Bluehost

This is a hosting brand that is most trusted in the industry. Its user–friendly and affordable database hosting. All managed WordPress experts are completely aware of how to do the optimization of infrastructure for each day’s I/O request and peak.

Bluehost’s most cheap MYSQL database hosting plans come along with unlimited storage as well as bandwidth. It also provides domain name registration for free and unlimited MYSQL database support.

You will also benefit from a customized Cpanel experience. Every MYSQL offered for free use can be managed through phpMyAdmin and you can as well upgrade to VPS or dedicated plans. That is if the needs prompt you to enhance PostgreSQL database support.

  • Unlimited storage and bandwidth on most plans
  • Free SSL certificate and access to controls
  • Optimized infrastructure by WordPress expert
  • Marketing credits and Free Cloudflare CDN
  • MYSQL support through improved Cpanel interface
  • Minimal control over automatic backups of data


If long-term affordability is at the top of your list when it comes to cheap SQL database hosting, then you should consider Hostinger. Hostinger is affordable and at lower prices compared to other hosting databases.

But ensure not to confuse subpar services with affordability. The database hosting provider offers consumers plenteous computing power to maturate their online presence.

This comes along with phpMyAdmin, unlimited bandwidth, and remote MYSQL database access along with InnoDB storage engine database software. Throughout the hosting period,

Hostinger ranks the best in affordability. You can be comfortable scaling from VPS to managed WordPress hosting packages.


  • Unmetered database with 3GB maximum
  • WordPress acceleration along with LiteSpeed
  • PhpMyAdmin plus GitHub integration
  • Customized control panel to ease database oversight
  • MYSQL database remote access support and InnoDB

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This remains database hosting platform remains our favourite recommendation for its excellent performance, finely turned infrastructure, and wide support of different technologies that are developer-friendly.

The database hosting is no different. A2 Hosting has a variety of database support including MYSQL, Mongo DB, PostgreSQL, Maria DB, Persona, and Cockroach DB. The web host support all this database on its shared, VPS, and WordPress plans.

A2 hosting charges remain reasonable even if some dataset needs the added resources of a dedicated VPS server. If you are after a high-performance plan that focuses its laser beam on efficient data processing and retrieval, consider giving A2 hosting a try.


  • High-class servers with unlimited database
  • Easy management along with a free Cpanel license
  • WordPress optimized configuration
  • ALL-SSD solution for your OS, Database, and files
  • Free SSL certificate, Hack Scan, and 99.9 percent uptime guarantee


You may want to have a free trial but will only last for three days. That will offer you complete access to its managed cloud hosting platform. After your three days’ use, you will be able to tell if your project can accommodate the web host for the long term.

Cloudways picks cloud examples from globe top providers such as Google cloud platform, Digital Ocean, and Amazon web services configures and manage them to be more user friendly.

Cloudways hosting company gives support to Maria DB by default but also offers remote MYSQL access support. This comes in combination with an extensive knowledge base for easy learning of how the best leverage your cloud resources.


  • Free site migration, CDN, and SSL certificate
  • Up and down resources scaling server as needed
  • Optimized cost with configured custom server
  • Free trial for 3 days
  • 20GB to 30TB storage
  • 1TB to 20TB Bandwidth
  • Unlimited database
  • Built in MYSQL manager, pay-as-you-go pricing, 24/7 customer support.


SQL programming languages as well as other dozen related database systems are open source. Therefore Kamatera is easy to use and cost-effective.

It’s a top-notch company that provides you with huge storage and 24/7 support along with bandwidth resources. It has an incredible, reasonable low price and it’s trusted by many users.


  • It has 24/7 complimentary live chat support
  • It can work with a dedicated account manager
  • Free cloud environment customize
  • Many Linux OS and window choices
  • You can launch it within 60 seconds


HostGator platform provides tutorial scores and resources for how to manage, access, and as well your resources of the database. This is another incredible place to get unlimited disk space, memory, bandwidth, and websites.

This makes the HostGator platform a magnificent tool for website owners’ aspirations. The platform is an excellent middle-ground option for those who build their first site and tech-savvy developers.


  • HostGator is LAMP compatible stack with MYSQL support.
  • Free SSL certificate and unlimited bandwidth
  • Has weekly off-site automatic backups
  • When you start MYSQL migration has no downtime
  • Free website transfer from Cpanel or WordPress.

What We Look For in the Best Cheap MySQL Database Hosting Services

When looking for the best cheap MYSQL database hosting ensure to choose the best quality for your hosting. Here is what you should be looking for.

  • Speedy performance
  • Improved connectivity
  • Multi-user access
  • Scalability (ability to handle large database efficiently)
  • High-quality security
  • Extensive API collection
  • Easy to learn hosting database

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Why are managed database services so expensive?

Compared to file managed system, a database management system is more useful. However, possess some demerits, and here are some of them.

Most Costly

The database creation and management are much more costly. High-cost hardware and software are also needed to run the database.

Staff who are highly trained are also needed to ensure they handle the database and continuously perform maintenance. All this in combination makes the database a costly venture.

High Complexity

The reason why the database management system is more complex is that it requires creation, modification, and database editing.

The people trained to handle the database or work with it must be highly skilled or valuable data will be lost.

Staff To Handle Database Required

DBMS and database are quite complex as I have pointed out in the previous point. Therefore, trained personnel are needed to handle the database to ensure it works efficiently and with optimum conditions. This person needs to be well paid therefore a costly venture.

Database Failure

The database holds all the relevant data for the company or organization. Therefore it is imperative to ensure that the database is working optimally and there is no failure.

The failure of the database will be catastrophic to the company as it can result in important data corruption or data loss.

Hardware Cost

The database holds a large amount of data for any organization. Therefore, the large amount of disk needed to hold all this data safely.

Extra storage sometimes is recommendable. All this maximizes the cost of the hardware and makes the database more expensive.

Huge Size

The capacity of the data held in the database is very huge, especially for bigger companies. The data may increase day by day as the company continues to grow. This will lead to a large size of the database.

The more huge the database becomes, the more it becomes difficult to handle and maintain. It may also turn out to be more complex to ensure the consistency of the data and authentication of users across huge databases.

Cost Of Upgrade

As the company grows, it will often need to add new functionalities to the database. This will result in the upgrading of the database which cost a lot of money.

In addition, training the database managers and users to handle the new upgrade might heavily cost the company or organization.

Data Conversion Cost

Changing or modifying the database means conversion of data to the new form. This whole exercise cost might exceed the cost of database creation and sometimes management costs.

That is why most companies or organizations prefer to stick with their old database instead of upgrading to the new version.

How can I host a SQL database for free?

There is plenty of SQL database from various Vendors and the widely most used database are Oracle, MS SQL, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQLite. All these mentioned databases you can get from your local machine.

If you want to make your data accessible anywhere online, you will need SQL server data hosting. This might not satisfy your requirement if you are using free database hosting.

However, if security and data privacy is at the top of your list, you will have to purchase database server hosting. Here is free and cheap SQL database hosting.

Where can I host a SQL database?

1. InterBase

Is a high-performance, lightweight, full-featured, scalable, encryptable, and embeddable relational database. It can be embedded into windows, iOS, OS X, Solaris, Linux, and Android.

It can also support java, c, c++, object Pascal, PHP, NET, Delphi, and Ruby programming languages. When it comes to security InterBase is top-notch as it has reduced exposure to risk and encrypted backups.

It’s also admin-free because of its low maintenance and has a rapid crash recovery along with Disaster recovery. InterBase is efficient and flexible to use.

2. Microsoft SQL

This RDBMS was established by Microsoft. Support ANSI SQL which is the standard SQL language. Nevertheless, the SQL server has its implementation of the SQL language. SQL Server supports programming languages such as C sharp, C++, C, and Java.

It offers structured along with unstructured integration of data with the power of spark and SQL server. This is an amazing tool that provides you with excellent performance,

Scalability, mission-critical availability, and data lakes and data warehouse. Microsoft SQL also provides advanced features of security to completely protect your data.

3. Database Performance Analyzer

This is an analysis and performance tool for database admin. The platform minimizes the database’s overall cost and finds the bottleneck’s reason.

The tool blocks and analysis the deadlock, and analyze every single factor that affects SQL server execution.

For faster app response, it proactively tunes the queries. T controls the constraints capacity, queries, and the health performance of the server. The platform can quickly find the cause of the complex problems.

4. PostgreSQL

This is an open-source database management system. This is one of the best database systems that is free and supports both SQL and JSON for relational and non-relational respectively.

It has a strong backup from the developers’ community with excellent contributions to make it top-notch in reliability.

PostgreSQL support multi-version concurrency control and has the functionality of mature server-side programming. It offers a client-server architecture for network support. This tool is ANSI-SQL2008 compatible and is object-oriented.

It is equipped with high availability and compatible with the different platforms using all major languages and middleware.

MS SQL vs. MySQL: Which Is Better for You?

SQL and MYSQL are both popular and very useful. SQL is a query language. Therefore we are going to compare the SQL server and MYSQL instead of comparing SQL against MYSQL. Both of them are relational database management systems.

Proprietary softwareFree and open-source and distributed as Proprietary software
It was created by MicrosoftCreated by oracle corporation
c and c++ manufacturedalso created by c and c++
It supports Mac OS X, Microsoft windows server,Smoothly support Solari’s Windows, macOS, Linux, and FreeBSD operating system. It runs almost all popular operating systems.
Support Java, VB, PHP, Go, Python, Ruby, C++, Delphi, and R programming languagesSupport all SQL-supported programming languages and additional more like Perl, Eiffel, Tcl, scheme, and Haskel.
SQL syntax Is very easy and simple to use.MYSQL syntax is a bit complex to use.
It is available in more than languagesOnly available in the English language
Single storage engineMultiple storage engines
The database is not blocked when backing up data.During the process of backing up data, the database is blocked.
Truncation of the query execution can be done without terminating the whole processCan’t cancel or terminate the execution without killing the entire process.

The needs of the consumer purely tell the choice of the database between MS SQL and MYSQL. It is advisable to focus on an open-source MYSQL server if your needs match that of a small enterprise system.

If your company handles a huge database with more than a hundred users, then the performance of the database might be a problem when using MYSQL. In such cases,

Where the data keep on standardized and maximized, the better option is MS SQL DBMS. This is because it will need professional data handling and extended support features.

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Free Online MySQL Database for Testing

1. Freesqldatabase

It is one of the popular and free websites to develop a free MYSQL online database. The platform consists of paid and free hosting services that offer the MYSQL database.

You will host a small database that is not large than 5MB with this free website. Just in case your database exceeds this size, then you will not be able to update further.

Therefore you will have to delete some of the data. Additionally, you can host a website for free for 30 days with PHP scripting, 10 GB bandwidth, webmail, 10 GB disk storage, and FTP as your benefits.

2. Free Mysql Hosting

This is another website you can create MYSQL Database for free online. Similar to FreeSQLdatabase provides you with 5MB of hosted MYSQL database for free.

It comes along with PhpMyAdmin support and remote database access. After database creation on the website, you can access it on any desktop SQL client.

3. Hostbuddy

HostBuddy is the most popular website that can be used to build an MYSQL database for free online. Here they offer you 500MB to use with your database creation. However, this service can only be used for 60 days for free.

These offers come along with additional features such as web hosting with a temporal name for 60 days. You can also utilize the MSSQL database apart from MYSQL for free hosting.

Moreover, this platform contains other nice features such as various apps installed on your site like WordPress, Orchard, and Multiple WordPress.

HostBuddy’s website provides you with an intuitive interface and the website control panel is fully managed.

4. Db4free

This MSQL database offers free online services and does not go beyond the 200MB size limit. This website provides you with an MYSQL database for testing alone. You can utilize built-in PhpMyAdmin for table creation and add data to it.

Have in mind that after hitting the size limit of 200MB, it will be flushed without can as well e deleted earlier at their will. You can simply make use of this online MYSQL database service by first entering the credentials of the MYSQL database and email account.

I will send you the email with the details after that. It’s quite a magnificent website if you are building applications related to the database.

Perform database test build it and it will work excellently. Since the website is developed to provide a free online MYSQL database service, it does not come along with other features.

5. Ensembl

This is a website that is related to the medical field but provides MYSQL database service to cater to your hosting basic needs. The database has seven such servers that you can access easily from the desktop MYSQL client without any password.

You can satisfy your needs with it after you’ve opened the MYSQL client connection. For your quick testing needs utilize any public server provided by Ensembl.

If you don’t want to waste your time in the process of registration, it is good you give Ensembl a trial.

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All these database hosts are trustworthy with their free and cheap SQL database hosting. Try one you may want to keep an eye out for the ones that support more obscure platforms.

MYSQL is a free and open-source database that most developers use for their work. It’s the most popular RDBMS that comes standard with most web hosting. If we can switch back to the basics,

SQL is a programming language that manages data in the relational database management system.

Here you can build your foundation around excellent working SQL knowledge that will assist you to move, find, and manage efficiently your database.

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